Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy focused on creating and distributing relevant content (such as articles, ebooks, and posts on social media), without explicitly promoting the brand. With Content Marketing, the company helps its target audience to solve their problems and becomes an authority on the subject.

Going straight to the point, Content Marketing is the strategy of producing content for your target audience, which helps you in the entire buying process and attracts you to you in a natural and spontaneous way. It is the fuel of Inbound Marketing.

The idea is to inform people so that in the future they will not only respect your brand and have it as a reference, but also become customers of your company.

We can say that the meaning of Content Marketing is relatively new. It was only in this new century that this concept was forged and that studies, analyzes, and experiments began to be carried out.

However, its applications were already happening even before the digital age. Yes, this strategy also exists offline. And it’s been a long time!

In short: Content Marketing is talking about your niche market. Unlike a press release or traditional marketing release, it’s not about what your company does, but what your customers need!