We are a SaaS oriented investment community

We help early stage Startups grow through a network of experienced entrepreneurs, angels and investors. 


SaaSholic helps with capital, go-to-market strategy and access to later-stage funding.

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Some companies we’re assisting to grow:


What we’re looking for

We are looking for companies that have their MVP/product live and are already generating some revenue from unaffiliated customers.
These startups are typically raising their first investment checks and aim to validate their product market fit before entering a scale-up phase.

If you identify with this scenario (or you are a bit before or after), we’d love to get to know you.

Why SaaSholic and what to expect from us?

Useful knowledge

SaaSholic is managed by SaaS operators, not analysts from the financial market or wealthy but inexperienced individual angels. We’ve been there and we know what it takes for a SaaS business to be successful.

We typically help our portfolio startups with: go-to-market, marketing strategy, creating and scaling their salesforce, choosing the right tech infrastructure, company culture, leadership principles, and Delaware/Cayman incorporation.

(We’re not referring to the Silicon Valley cliché tips everyone reads on books and articles. We’re talking about real-life things that we’ve been through or have seen working in the LatAm market peculiarities.)

Powered by Relationship​

We’re deeply connected in the tech scene: from co-investors and late-stage investors to related companies to partner up. From possible senior hires, to domain experts for benchmarking. The right warm introduction makes things much easier 😉

Skin in the game ​

This means that when you suCommitment is an act. 

We partner and invest in teams we believe – that’s why a significant amount of our managers’ personal wealth is invested in the fund.

If we invest in you, we trust you. With our personal money.cceed, we succeed. We’re in this together.

Pragmatism and transparency

We value your time as much as we value ours. Expect no unnecessary formalities or bureaucracies.

Once we start talking, we’re building a long term relationship.
We believe that the easiest (and maybe the only) way to achieve success in a relationship is through radical transparency and honest feedback

By the way: we expect the same from you.

Investment Process

Our investment process is objective and transparent:
1 . Form fill

We want to learn more about your company (stage, team, etc.) and understand how we can help.

We ask for some metrics (if you have them already), company information, your pitchdeck and some subjective infomation.

(Don’t worry if your pitch deck isn’t 100% ready yet. Answer our question-form to the best of your knowledge.)

2. Email reply

We answer all the entrepreneurs who invested their time with us and are interested in joining us. 

If it makes sense for us to move forward, we’ll either ask for a couple more information pieces to fill some understanding gaps and/or we’ll invite you to a call.

Constructive and transparent feedback will be provided regardless of our decision.

3. Calls


If we’re talking, we’re interested in learning more about you and your compnay and how we can help you scale the business.

Expect an informal conversation about your metrics, problem/solution, market, team etc.

Also, please, feel free to ask any questions.2 or 3 calls lasting 30-60 minutes is our “normal” to get an understanding and feel confident to invest and partner with new companies.


If our process fits your expectations and you feel we can add value to your business, let’s get it started!

Here's the link to the form:

Together we go further

We believe that a transformation needs to be built by many hands. That’s why we are connected through our network to some of the brightest minds in Latin America, who believe in our cause and devote time and knowledge to encouraging a more entrepreneurial continent.



Although SaaS is booming right now in LatAm and many great companies have emerged, we also make some investments in other tech-related business models.

We typically invest in companies that have a product/MVP live and already generating some revenue from unaffiliated customers. These companies are typically raising their first investment checks after angel investments.

If you identify with this scenario or is a little before or after, we’d love to get to know you.

Here are the first steps!

We look for the following characteristics:

Past achievements, grit, domain expertise, the complementarity of the team, self-sufficiency of the team to succeed in the current stage.

Yes. As long as you operate in LatAm.

It can take from 3-6 weeks. It depends on how clear your data is, how fast we can set our conversations and the current state of your formal and legal incorporation.

We typically invest from 25-100k USD.

Depending on your company’s capital necessity we can connect you with other investors in order to raise the remaining amount for the round.

We’re fast in our investment process and once you have the commitment from a respected investor such as SaaSholic, other investors typically come in more easily.

We also present the founders to a network of investors that does investments with us and the terms we use are simple and industry standard (that simplifies the conversation with other potential investors).

We typically mentor our portfolio startups on their marketing and go to market strategies, creating and scaling their salesforce, choosing the right tech stack, culture and leadership principles and hiring.

We don’t have a physical office.

We meet and communicate with our portfolio and partners mostly through Skype or phone.


SaaS and M&A in Brazil

Back in 2011 Marc Andreessen, Andreessen Horowitz co-founder said that Software was eating the world. We